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Kingston upon Thames Coach Tours  

Kingston upon Thames was a famous market city in ancient times used for the official crowning of Saxon Kings. Today it is listed as one of the chief metropolitan cities in the London Plan ever since it became recognised as part of greater London in mid-19th century. Besides the rich history about the Saxons, Kingston upon Thames or Kingston harbours some interesting attractions worth visiting. 
We as Kingston upon Thames minibus hire want to give you a grandiose tour of this lovely ancient city. All you have to do is book one of our coach tours and we will have you board a Mercedes 16 seater or 8 seater Ford Transit and go attraction hunting through the city.
Things to Do in Kingston upon Thames 
Almost on every corner of Kingston town is an attraction or two passing down its knowledge of the past to interest onlookers. From prominent churches where the kings were crowned to modern day shopping malls with plenty of souvenirs, Kingston has it all. Our minibus hire in Kingston upon Thames driver will take you to all the best spots. 
The Chapel of St Mary’s 
So old was the church that it collapsed to ruins in early 17th century. Today it is survived by a large coronation stone which is said to have been discovered from the rubbles. According to local tale, it is in the St. Mary’s Chapel where the Saxon Kings received their anointing to rule; and the likes of Edward the Elder, Eadwig and Edmund are examples of kings that were anointed at the chapel. The coronation was later to be moved severally until it found a suitable spot just outside the Guildhall in present Kingston.  
The River Thames 
The famous London river that snakes through several cities and boroughs happens to pass through Kingston too; hence the ‘upon Thames’ name. Geographically, Kingston town was actually built at the first crossing of the Thames as you move from the London Bridge. The Kingston Bridge was to be later built on top of the Thames, linking Kingston town to Bushy and Hampton parks and the Richmond upon Thames Borough. Historically, this was known as the great and only bridge that provided a safe passing between two other bridges; London and Staines. 
The Bentall Centre 
This is one of the largest shopping malls located within central Kingston upon Thames. It is adjacent to the River Thames with several departmental stores inside that you would also find in upscale shopping areas in London. There are all kinds of stuff to buy from clothes to electronics and even souvenirs. There are also cafeterias and restaurants for a quick lunch or take outs while still scouting the city for more interesting places. 
The Old Market Place 
This is for those tourists who are more interested in shopping and connecting with the local people in their open air market. The market place has existed for centuries and was a major lifeline for Kingston people in terms of supplies; today you can still find an assortment of exotic and local foods, flowers, fresh fish and even jewellry. The market place is also located near other attractions like the Old Town Hall so you can kill two birds with one stone.  
The Old Town Hall 
Just next to the ancient market, this town hall played an important role in the legislation of Kingston upon Thames. Inside are artefacts of the first by-laws used to run the city, a setup of the old county court and a distinguished list of all council personnel who served office among many other interesting facts. But if the legislature talk doesn’t appeal to you, then you can just stand outside and marvel at the medieval pristine architecture of the building that has stood the test of time.  
The All Saints Church  
An ancient church as well listed as Grade 1 according to the London Plan. Its beauty lies in the medieval architecture and the lush lawns surrounding it. It can also be a surreal venue for your dream wedding while visiting Kingston. 
Events in Kingston upon Thames 
Walker Stalker (London Photo Ops), Olympia London, London (20th Feb 2016) 
The Lion King Play, Lyceum Theatre, London (25th March 2016) 
The Woman in Black, Fortune Theatre, London (25th Mar 2016) 
A Girl is a half formed thing, Young Vic, London (26th Mar 2016) 
Comedy in the Brewery, Windsor and Eton Brewery, Windsor (26th Mar 2016) 
Why Choose Us 

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