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Festival Coach Hire

Kingston upon Thames Festival Coach Hire 
Kingston upon Thames or Kingston town is where great festival brings together happy jovial people. The best of events are organised here annually most of which are live concerts with both local and international artists entertaining crowds. You can also be part of these exciting moments by considering our festival coach hire.  
Kingston upon Thames minibus hire will be your official transport option when attending these concerts. We will put you and your friends in a stylish luxury Mercedes 16 seater or a state-of-the-art Ford Transit with surround music system. If you are planning a glamourous entourage that will make the festival come to a standstill, we will soup up a few Volvos for the occasion. 
Things to Do in Kingston upon Thames  
A lot of these concerts happen in the evening and go on till morning so you can leave anytime in your festival coach hire and not bother about flagging down taxis. But before then, here are some interesting places you can visit during the day.  
Rose Theatre 
This is notably one of the most beautiful theatres you will see in Kingston. It has a modern design to it given that it was officially opened in 2008. A lot of top class film actors had their humble beginnings in this theatre and many locals say it hosts some of the best plays in town.  
The Richmond Park
You should definitely visit this park in autumn or summer when it comes alive with colours. Richmond Park is a public ground within the city centre where you can relax and have a picnic or read a book. The environment is serene, rich with trees and blocks out the noisy life of the city. 
The Hippodrome 
This is a big casino in London, a city just close to Kingston upon Thames. It is a building rising four floors high all packed with gamblers looking for their next win. The architecture is pristine and greatly complemented by the ambient lighting that comes on during the night.  
Events in Kingston upon Thames  

1. The London International Ska Festival, Various London Venues, London (25th Mar 2016) 
2. Anchorsong &William Arcane, Rich Mix, London (25th March 2016) 
3. The Joyriders Musical Concert, The Roxy, London (25th Mar 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We are confident in providing the best festival tour package when you are looking for minibus hire in Kingston upon Thames. All our coach buses are serviced and insured to ensure you are safe wherever you are partying away. If you need a driver, just let us know; we will send you a professional and friendly chauffer to handle the wheels for you.